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You don't have to feel helpless or
hopeless about substance abuse. Our
hypnotherapy provides real and lasting
for those with drug and/or
alcohol problems.

Some people have said that hypnotherapy is a magical cure-all for substance abuse. Others have said that hypnosis is based on mythological powers. Fact is, hypnotherapy is considered as one of the most sound, safe and effective methods for drug and alcohol abuse of any available. While it's not magic many people find it has magical results for them.

Hypnotherapy is a leading method for substance abuse because it works. This is not theory or myth. It's the facts. If you or someone you know has a drinking or drug problem then you owe it to yourself to look further into hypnotherapy.

Unique to any program in Tampa, Dr. John Gullo, Ed.D., LMHC, not only has the advanced education, training, and experience in substance abuse but also has a success rate to back it up. He has helped countless people to overcome their addictions, dependencies and abuse for over 40 years.

Have you ever found yourself imagining any of the following?

  • You can't envision not drinking or using ever again
  • It's easier to drink or use that it is to quit
  • You can't bear the thought of quitting and how hard it will be
  • You'll never have a good time again if you quit
  • You'll be a bundle of nerves and won't be able to relax

You wouldn't be here if you weren't looking for help. Perhaps you're looking for an alternative to AA. Then Dr. Gullo's hypnotherapy program is for you.

Dr. Gullo's program is a vast alternative to AA, and anything in Tampa. He utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a basis that he has then formulated into a specific hypnotherapy program for substance abuse.

Hypnosis is not only effective but safe. There are many myths about hypnosis that are pure poppycock.

People have turned to AA for years because of their high profile. There are limited options. But CBT has been proven--for over 75 years--globally, to have high success rates that in some instances parallel or exceed that of AA.

Dr. Gullo's Substance Abuse Hypnotherapy program hones in on your specific issues and then gives you the power to handle anything now, and in the future. The thoughts planted into your subconscious keep you from desiring to drink or use, having cravings and urges, feeling jittery, and with the ability to live your life with less stress and frustration.

Not only that but you'll also be able to enjoy life, without drinking or drugging, even in situations where you never thought possible before. You'll know why you've abused in the past and you'll know how to keep you emotions in check.

Dr. Gullo's program also teaches you self-hypnosis so that you can relax, refresh, and stay on track even in the most difficult of situations. You'll be able to manage anger, depression and anxiety...anything that may come up. Best of all, upon completion of his program you'll have no desire to drink or use now, and for life.

Dr. Gullo's Hypnotherapy has helped countless people manage and alleviate the devastating effects of substance abuse. Call him today to set up your free hypnotic screening and begin living a happy, fulfilled and sober life.

 "I have a vast experience of 40+ years during which I have successfully helped thousands of people. My compassion for my fellow human beings and my desire to help has led to a lifetime of providing hypnotherapy for substance abuse as well as stress management, PTSD, anger management, relaxation, smoking weight loss and more."        
Dr. John Gullo Ed.D., P.A. DABP&H, DAPPA, LMHC

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association     National Institutes of Health


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  Talk with Dr. Gullo to ensure hypnosis is right for you. Your needs and ability to be hypnotized will be evaluated. If you are a good candidate a program will be recommended that will help you achieve the best possible result in the shortest time with the least amount of expense. If hypnosis will not benefit you he will tell you so.

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