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Hypnosis myths: let's dispel the untruths
and misundertandings about hypnosis.

I'll lose control
Perhaps the biggest myth of all. To the contrary, you are in control at all times and can get out of the hypnotic state at any time if you so desire. Hypnosis requires your participation voluntarily. You cannot be persuaded to do anything against your own will or that is in violation of your ethics and morals. You don't lose consciousness and you are aware of what is happening the whole time.

I don't think I can be hypnotized.
There is nothing un-natural about being hypnotized. It's as easy as focusing on what the hypnotherapist is saying and following directions. Anyone but the very young, very old, and those who are mentally challenged can be hypnotized. Having a hynotherapist that you can trust and has proper credentials is also very important. Some hypnotherapists are much more qualified than others.

Hypnotists have some sort of powers
Actually, it's the person being hypnotized that holds the powers. A hypnotherapist uses methods to encourage someone into a deeply relaxed state. But it's the person being hypnotized that actually creates the state.

Hypnotherapy puts you in a state where you have no independent will and are controlled by the hypnotist.
This rates very high on the balderdash list. It's the Hollywood version of hypnosis but not reality. It makes for good theatrics, it sells tickets, it's a money-making entertainment industry. It's been propagated further in movies and TV for years.

But here are the facts: you can't be hypnotized into doing something against your will. Pure and simple. If an unethical hypnotist were to try suggest something wrong or dangerous then you'd simply ignore it or come right out of your hypnotic state.
The whole idea of quacking like a duck and barking like a dog is stage antics and nothing more.

Hypnotherapy will make me feel like I'm floating
In fact some people do. They become so intently relaxed that they report afterwards of a physical sensation to floating. Others simply feel very relaxed. The physical effects of hypnosis vary. Some people have pre-conceived notions of what hypnosis will feel like. If the experience doesn't match their expectations then they may not feel like they were hypnotized. It most usually hits in a few minutes when they realize they're desire for unwanted habits/behaviors have greatly diminished.

You'll forget what happened while you were hypnotized
Once again a myth that's been extended by Hollowood. Why in the world would anyone want to become hypnotized in order to rid themselves of an unwanted behavior and then forget it all? The majority of people remember the hypnotic experience. More over, the hypnotic suggestions are kept in the sub-conscious mind.

Hypnosis doesn't really work.
This rates extremely high on the balderdash scale. If it didn't work why would so many people not only use it, but also have very high success rates at eliminating their unwanted behavior. Scientific studies, including brain scans, show clear evidence of genuine, temporary changes occuring in the brain during hypnosis. These biological processes coincide with the deep levels of relaxation that lead to one's being receptive to the hypnotic suggestions.

There is a danger of getting stuck in a hypnotic state.
This is actually laughable and purely the antics of stage and screen alike. Just like you can't get stuck awake you can't get stuck "asleep." Hypnosis is a natural state. There is nothing happening against your conscious, or sub-conscious, will. Fact is, your subconscious is always present. Hypnosis is not magic nor are you under any mystical trance. While a hypnotherapist will slowly bring you out of hypnosis nothing would happen if he/she didn't. You would come back to a regular state within minutes on your own; some people simply fall asleep for a few minutes and wake up from what is essentially a nap, and upon awakening are over the hypnotic state.

I'll reveal my innermost secrets and not even know it.
Only if you want to. Just the same as if you were not under hypnosis. Your subconscious mind actually protects your secrets. Hypnotherapy doesn't control whether or not you reveal them. You control those consciously and subconsciously.

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