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You can truly enjoy life without anxiety and panic. Hypnotherapy provides immediate, and long-lasting, relief for anxiety disorders.

There truly is hope for anxiety sufferers in Tampa and our hypnotherapy program will get out from under the paralyzing effects of anxiety.

If you've ever had a panic attack, then you know those overwhelming feelings. The sweats, the dizziness, the nausea, just to name a few. You feel like there's nothing you can do and no one can help.

But have you ever experienced the feeling of being able to talk yourself out of an anxiety attack?  Or being able to feel the signs of an anxiety attack coming on and being able to fend it off before it happens?  All without the use of drugs?

The feeling of joy and calm is not something an anxiety sufferer knows very well or very often. But you can know these feelings, it's done by people every day, people right here in Tampa, and if you have an anxiety disorder, don't can do it too.

 Upon completing our anxiety hypnotherapy you will:

  • Learn how to control your anxiety anytime, anwhere
  • Stop panic attacks before they happen
  • Find out what pushes your buttons and how to un-push them
  • Feel an anxiety attack coming on and stop it in its tracks
  • Learn self-hypnosis to keep yourself cool and calm
  • Be able to keep anxiety at bay without the use of medications
  • Know how and why depression may sometimes accompany anxiety and how to keep it away
  • Learn how to relax and deal with stress and frustration
  • The 3 key differences between anxiety and nervousness (and why you should know)
  • Be able to deal with Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Hypnotherapy is a well accepted and highly effective technique to eliminate anxiety, panic, GAD, and much more. Dr. John Gullo practices proven methods of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) interwoven into his hypnotherapy. Unique in the Tampa Bay area, his methodology utilizes experience of 40+ years as a psychologist, mental health counselor and hypnotherapist.

Our techniques are simple to learn, and in fact most people find them refreshing and enjoyable.   

Whether you've had problems with anxiety for weeks, months, or years, Dr. Gullo can help you get through it now and map out a plan to keep it away forever.

Call Dr. John Gullo today to set up your free hypnotic screening.

 "I’ve been practicing clinical psychology and medical hypnosis for more than 40 years. After helping thousands of people, I possess extensive experience in hypnotherapy services that solve life issues from depression to anxiety, pain control, stress relief, weight loss, smoking cessation and much more." 
Dr. John Gullo Ed.D., P.A.


Dr. John Gullo Ed.D., P.A. DABP&H, DAPPA, LMHC
Advanced Medical Hypnosis
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 Hypnotherapy for
-Anxiety Disorders
-Panic Attacks
-Generalized Anxiety Disorder
-Seasonal Anxiety Disorder
-Anxiety Attacks

-Includes easy lessons for self-hypnosis

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  Talk with Dr. Gullo to ensure hypnosis is right for you. Your needs and ability to be hypnotized will be evaluated. If you are a good candidate a program will be recommended that will help you achieve the best possible result in the shortest time with the least amount of expense. If hypnosis will not benefit you he will tell you so.

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