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Advanced Medical Hypnosis -- Weight Loss Case Studies

Case Study 1, Weight Loss

(In compliance with patient-Doctor privilege, the patient’s name etc. has been changed for identity protection).

Edward, a 57 year old retired male, had struggled with obesity for 51 years.  He would sit in front of a TV and gorge on ice cream.  Eating the better part of a half a gallon was common.  He ate all the time.  He was always hungry.  In short, food was an obsession.

He craved, binged and stuffed his face with chocolate brownies and every other fattening food imaginable.  He was out of control.

He had been overweight since he was 7 years old.  His life was one torturous diet after another.  He tried everything to lose weight.  Starvation diets, support groups, books, pills and all the miracle gizmos. He would lose weight and three months later he gained back every ounce. He suffered with eating problems for 51 years. Up and down.  An endless roller coaster that never stopped.

Edward was seen for 5 core treatment sessions, initially, and 4 more follow-up sessions spanning 13 months.  He lost 20 lbs. in the first  25 days.  Almost an incredible 1 lb. per day!  In four months, he lost 63 lbs. – about 18 lbs. per month. His waist size had plunged from 54 to a trim 46.

Edward reported that after his first session, upon opening his eyes he noticed an immediate change.  He went on to say that the suggestion he was given that sweets and fattening foods would lose their appeal, “worked. I don’t want or think about eating fattening foods. Finally I’m free!”  For Edward is weight loss was “fast, easy and effortless”.  Hypnosis ended his love affair with sweets. He is now in complete control.  Binges, cravings are a thing of the past.  He made many other glowing remarks about his treatment success.

Case Study 2 – Weight Loss

(To legally protect the patient’s identity, the name etc. has been changed.)

Ann is a 45 year old female medical doctor who had been overweight her entire life.  She was  seen for a total of 11 sessions.  She ate as an emotional reaction to everything.  She was out of control. She binged and craved constantly.  She was fat because she ate all the time.

She was embarrassed, especially being a doctor, and felt the stigma 
and burden of obesity every waking moment.

Ann remarked, after her first session, “My new life started as soon as I opened my eyes.”  Changes in her eating behavior were immediate and dramatic.  She felt full and satisfied eating less. Cravings and binges came to a screeching halt.  Food preferences changed.  She was in control, she said, after one hour of hypnosis.

Dr. Ann lost 81 lbs. in 7 months – almost 12 lbs. per month or 3 lbs. per week.  Her dress size plunged from a tight 30 to a comfortable 16-18.  Dr. Ann, told me, her results were fast, easy and effortless.  Now she is in control.  She eats anything she wants.  Anytime she wants.  She doesn’t feel deprived and has not made a conscious effort to diet.  “All this happened automatically just like” was suggested.  She also noted: “I cannot tell you what a relief it is to lose weight this naturally.  No pain, no suffering, no hassles.”

Case Study 3 – Weight  Loss

(As required by law to insure patient-doctor privilege, the name etc. has been changed.)

Frank is a 65 year old male electrical engineer who lost 50 lbs. in 5 months. He battled his weight problem for years.  He really tried to lose weight but always felt hungry and deprived.  Not a good formula for weight loss success.

He snacked all day at work.  Ate a big meal for lunch, followed that up with a bigger meal for dinner.  After dinner he snacked until bedtime.

He overate.  He ate until he was stuffed and couldn’t eat another bite. He ate vegetables right along with his favorites, chocolate and peanut butter. He dieted. Lost  weight.  Gained it back – plus  a few extra pounds for his effort.

Frank remarked: “After my first hypnosis session I noticed an immediate  difference.  I felt full and satisfied eating less. Hunger and cravings vanished.  I gained control, stopped thinking about food all the time.”  He lost 20 lbs. in the first five weeks.  That’s 4 lbs. per week.  And, dropped his goal of 50 lbs. in 5 short  months.  His waist size shrank from a very tight 38 to a comfortable 34. Shirt size dropped from an extra large to medium.

His blood pressure dropped, cholesterol was reduced, all to the delight of his family physician.  But, Frank said, “Here’s the best part…My weight loss was fast, easy and comfortable. I didn’t count calories, weight portions or starve myself.”  His weight came off quickly and naturally simply by getting hypnotized and following hypnotic suggestions.  He is physically more comfortable and feels good about himself again.  He said his weight loss was fast, easy and problem free.

Case Study 4 – Weight Loss

(This patient’s name etc. has been changed in compliance with required patient/privacy laws.)

George is a 56 year old over-the-road 18-wheel truck driver. He weighed 235 lbs. when he was 16 years old.  He has been large his entire life.  It didn’t bother him because he was six feet one and two half inches tall.  He carried his weight well.

Then he quit smoking and gained weight.  As he got older, muscle turned to fat.   When he hit 287 pounds he knew he had to do something to lose weight.

He got on  the weight loss merry-go-round.  Diets.  Pills.  Weight loss shakes.  You name it, he tried it.  He would start a diet and lose some weight.  Hit a plateau, lose interest and gain all his weight back plus a few pounds for his effort.

His eating habits were poor.  No breakfast, no lunch, large dinner and snacking till bedtime.  When he stopped on the road to get some sleep in a motel or got home he just pigged out.  He liked fried foods, biscuits and gravy.  Pies were his favorite dessert.  His wife, when he was home and not driving long hauls over the road, was an outstanding cook, which didn’t help either. He was a hearty eater.

After his very first session, George stated, “I felt full and satisfied eating less.”  Instead of a second or third helping, he left food on his plate.  His food preferences changed.  He no longer ate nearly as much fried food.  He hasn’t eaten or valued ice cream since his first session.

“Here’s the best part”, George said, “No specific diet to follow, no counting calories, no pills, no shakes and no strenuous exercise.”  He lost weight, in his words, quickly and easily by attending hypnosis sessions and following the suggestions: “It was that easy.”  He lost 50 lbs. in four months, 10 lbs. the first week. 

His waist size plummeted from a tight 44 to a very comfortable 37. He says, he’s still surprised how easy it came off. Now he weighs 227 lbs.  Eight lbs. less than when he was 16 years old.  He is physically more comfortable without the 50 pound bag of fat he used to lug around.  Previously he failed at every attempt to lose weight.

Case Study 5 – Weight Loss

(The name etc. of this patient has been changed in legal compliance with doctor-patient privilege.)

Jane  is a  48 year old engineer who lost 56 lbs. in 6 months. Over the last 15 years she gained weight.  She went to work and had to look at herself because the building she worked in is all mirrored in glass. The mirrors distorted her image like a carnival fun house.  “I guarantee you this was not fun for me”, she remarked.  She is diabetic and was afraid if she didn’t control her weight she would end up on daily insulin shots.

This was very real to her because her mother was overweight, diabetic and had several heart attacks before she passed away at the age of 54.  Her eating habits were a one way ticket to fat city.  Loaded-up hot dogs, ice cream sundaes, snacking all day, overeating at dinner and snacking until bedtime.

Acid reflux woke her constantly from sleep.  She had heartburn continually.  She ate when she got upset, angry, stressed or bored.  She craved.  She ate.  She got fat.  Simple as that.  She made choices and suffered the consequences.

She knew she had to lose weight to survive.  She reported: “Dr. Gullo suggested that I wouldn’t eat for emotional reasons.  He said I would be satisfied eating less.  That fattening food would lose it’s appeal.  Frankly I thought he was nuts.  I was very skeptical.”  For Jane, her cravings, hunger and the constant need to pick and snack stopped immediately.

She lost 9 lbs. the first week.  She lost a total of 56 lbs. in six short months. Her waist size went from 46 to 34. Her blouse size plunged from extra large to medium. She stopped taking her diabetic medication and her doctor was so impressed he wanted to know what doctor helped her.

“The best part”, Jane says, “I didn’t suffer one second with my treatment. No deprivation. No cravings. No dieting misery. I never counted calories or portions.  I didn’t even follow a specific diet.”

Her weight loss, she says, was fast, easy and natural. She no longer sweats over her health. She feels terrific. She enjoys doing stuff like mowing the lawn.  She doesn’t dread buying clothes.  She feels better, looks better and enjoys life more. She is physically more comfortable and can now see her feet when she stands.  In Jane’s words: “I didn’t just lose weight, hypnosis made me feel brand new again.”

Jane tried  a lot of other ways to lose weight.  They all failed because she always felt hungry and deprived.  “It worked for me when all else failed.”

Case Study 6 – Weight Loss

(To legally protect the identity of this patient, the name etc. has been changed.)

John is a 45 year old elementary school teacher who lost 90 lbs. in 9 months. His weight problem began in the second grade.  By the time he started high school he was 50 lbs. overweight.  He hated being fat and began a lifelong struggle to lose weight. One unsuccessful diet after another. Take ten pounds off. Put 15 back on. Up and down like a yo-yo my entire adult life.

It really got bad in college.  He starved, then binged. He tried diet pills, starvation diets and support groups. They all failed.  He liked it all and binged until he was physically uncomfortable. He ate hugh portions at every meal.  He was addicted to dessert, candy, cakes and sweets.  He constantly thought about food. He felt  wonderful while he was eating.  As soon as he finished, massive guilt set in and he would eat more.

He was eating his emotions.  Happy, sad, angry, you name it and he found a reason to eat more.  He couldn’t handle the unrelenting deprivation of dieting so he ate and ate.  He ended up weighing 285 lbs. on a 5’ 9” frame.  He felt ashamed and scared about his health. He needed help immediately.

He got down on the floor to play with some of his students at school.  After play time, he couldn’t get up.  A 100 pound counselor had to help him. He was embarrassed and humiliated.

His doctor told him to lose weight immediately or die!  He recommended hypnosis.  John said: “Well if my weight didn’t kill me, the embarrassment of another incident like the one at school would.”

The day after he couldn’t get up at school, he immediately sought hypnosis treatment.  When he came back for his second hypnosis session, John, reported: “I expected results, but nothing like the results I got.  My eating behavior changed dramatically.’  He no longer felt a constant need to eat.  He has not had a craving since he started hypnosis treatment. There has been no deprivation.  Because he’s not craving food, he doesn’t binge.

“The best part”, he said, “is I never eat for emotional reasons anymore”.  He is now in complete control.  After a few brief hypnosis sessions a lifetime of poor eating habits has been changed “automatically”.  “It just happened.” Now he consumes about one half of what he used to eat and is full and  is full and satisfied.  He is finally in control and “can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is.”

John lost 90 lbs. in 9 months.  His suit size diminished from a 46 to a comfortable 40.  He felt better.  He looked better.  And, he’s a lot happier.  John said: “I’m so sure I will never gain my weight back I donated all of my fat clothes to charity…the results I got exceeded my expectations.”

John went on to state that he automatically followed the suggestions given, that no effort was involved and that his weight loss was fast and comfortable, and the easiest way he has ever lost weight. “No pain, guilt, suffering or deprivation.  It was smooth sailing from beginning to end.  I’m delighted with the results,” he said.

Now he mows the lawn, where at 285 pounds he couldn’t.  His life now has so much more potential.  He can do more things.  He’s ten times more active now and loves it. At school, he gets compliments from his students that brings him to tears.  He has eliminated the worry 
of obesity related health problems. The peace of mind he gets from that alone is priceless.

His wife never mentioned his weight, but did worry about it. She stood by him through thick and thin.  Now she doesn’t have to worry any more, “and that’s the best gift I could give her.”

Case Study - 7 Weight Loss

(In order to comply with the legal obligation to protect the patient’s identity, the name etc,. has been changed.)

Clarence is a 68 year old automobile factory retiree who lost 90 lbs. in 10 months with hypnosis. When he retired in 1988 he weighed 165 lbs.  Since that time he put on 101 pounds. He grew to 266 lbs. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. After retirement, he started eating out of boredom.

He overate.  Large portions. Seconds. Ice cream, sweets and snacks. He ate a good breakfast and lunch.  At dinner he ate until he was physically uncomfortable, then snacked on ice cream before bedtime.

He craved sweets and binged when he was bored or stressed. He tried to lose weight several times.  He took weight off, then put it back on.  He was out of control and physically felt bad.  He needed help.

After his free consultation, Clarence stated that he was confident hypnosis would work for him but that he had no idea what was to come  After 2 sessions, he found himself no longer having the urde to overeat. He stopped snacking between and after meals.  His stress and boredom were greatly diminished. Cravings stopped.  Binging stopped. He had no feelings of deprivation during the entire time he lost weight.

He was given hypnotic suggestions that his food preferences would change.  And, they did.  It was suggested that he would only eat one half the amount he used to eat.  He did.  Further sweets and junk food did lose their appeal.  He hasn’t had any junk food since starting treatment.  Clarence claims that he got instant relief after years of suffering weight gain sand diets that didn’t mwork.

Clarence lost 90 pounds in 10 months.  His waist size shrank from 50 to 38.  His shirt size dropped from 3XL to large.  He threw away all his tent sized clothes.  He additionally claimed that he lost the 90 pounds without pain, suffering or deprivation of other methods; and, that his results were fast, easy  and effortless.

Clarence reported that his family doctor approves of using hypnosis for weight loss. He’s delighted and  her extraphysically more comfortable now. His back, knees and legs don’t hurt anymore.

He used to be embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit. Now he swims and feels comfortable in his suit.  He’s in better shape than he’s been in years.  He enjoys life more now.

Though he’s 68, Clarence says that he feels like he’s 20 years younger and 48.  He now gets compliments from everyone. His granddaughter Cheri told him that he looked real good. His heart soared like a hawk with pride.

Case Study 8 – Weight Loss

(This patient’s name etc. has been changed to legally comply with doctor-patient privilege)

Delores  is a 51 year old real estate agent who lost 60 lbs. in only 6 months.  She got to be 60 pounds overweight a pound at a time.  She accumulated her extra 60 pounds over a lifetime of eating too much of the wrong things at the wrong times.

She would eat whole bags of potato chips.  Entire bags of cookies. When she was angry or upset she ate.  She loved her Hershey’s candy bars and ate more than her share of junk food.

She was embarrassed about her weight and angry because she didn’t like herself.  She would look in the mirror and think that’s not me!  No matter how or what she tried, she couldn’t lose weight. She couldn’t control her eating.

At her free consultation, Delores said that she missed a Tampa TV stations special program of hypnosis for weight loss featuring Dr. John Gullo of Advanced Medical Hypnosis but found me by the TV station’s news website.

Even though at the first hypnosis session she was given the suggestion to eat one half the amount she used to consume, she reported, that she would only eat about a third of what she used to and felt stuffed.

Her food preferences changed and she enjoys eating more than she ever has. Delores claims that  “All of this happened instantly after her very first session.” She also claimed that everything said to her would happen, happened.  “Just like he said it would. I got instant relief from cravings and binges.”

Before hypnosis Delores had absolutely no will power. None.  After hypnosis, she found out she didn’t need any. Her weight loss, she says, was craving and deprivation free.

Delores lost 60 pounds in 6 months.  Her dress went from 18 to 8.  She hasn’t been at her current weight for 14 years.  She didn’t follow any specific diet.  She ate what she wanted, when she wanted.  She never counted a  calorie or weighed a portion. 

She says: “The program is super simple and it certainly worked for me. To say my expectations were exceeded is an understatement.”  Delores claims that she never lost weight this fast before, not even on diet pills; and that  hypnosis made losing weight fun and exciting because she wasn’t constantly craving. She enjoyed the process of becoming healthier and happier. She claims: “Hypnosis takes the misery out of weight loss so you can succeed.”

She is now in control.  The peace of mind she has now is priceless.  She has shed the burden and stigma of obesity. Being overweight hurts. It’s painful.  She has more energy,  gets more done in less time and feels better physically.  Her health is improved and her family doctor is happy and amazed with her results.  She looks better and gets compliments all the time.  Delores states: “Believe me, life is better in a healthier, more fit body."

Case Study 9 – Weight Loss

(This patient’s name etc. has been changed as required by law to protect patient-doctor privilege.)

Teri is a 35 year old  manufacturing representative who lost 40 pounds in 4 months.

Teri’s weight gain started several years ago.  he gained a little bit more each year until it became a real problem. She tried diets and miracle drinks, all with the same result – take a few pounds off, gain it back, plus a few more pounds for her effort.

She gave up on diets.  She ate Snickers bars and sweets.  She picked and snacked all day long. Stress at work added to the problem. She hit the junk food machines at every break.

It got to the point where she craved chocolate. She would eat, feel hungry and eat again. She never felt satisfied. Her life became a vicious cycle of getting stressed, eating, feeling guilty, getting depressed, eating and starting all over again.

She spent years trying to lose weight. Deprivation and misery. Dieting hurt.  She failed at every attempt. She  needed immediate help and she knew it.  She was slowly sliding down the slippery slope of obesity.

At her first, free, consultation, she was interested but extremely skeptical.  Consequently, she asked to speak to someone who had been treated by hypnosis.  She did.  She was nervous during her first session as she had no clue as to what to expect.  After her initial session, she said she was shocked at the wonderful physical feeling of total relaxation and contentment. She felt secure, at peace and safe.

She reported that her stress was washed away and replaced with a calming peace of mind.  She felt like she was instantly in control.

Teri hasn’t had a Snickers bar since her first session. Cravings ended. She feels full after easting about one half of what she used to eat.  She lost 40 pounds in 4 months. Her dress size dropped from 14 to 8. She has more energy, feels good and stress is no longer part of her life.

Teri reported: “I’m not exaggerating.  My weight loss could not have faster, easier or more comfortable.  No painful deprivation.” She didn’t count calories, weigh food portions or kill herself with  grueling  exercise. She went on to say that the suggestions given her “worked like magic…that simple, that easy.”

Case Study 10 – Weight Loss

(In compliance with Patient-doctor privilege, this patient’s name etc. is changed.)

Carol is a 50 year old Federal Government employee who lost 50 pounds in 5 months.

Carol got out of bed and drove to the nearest drug store to buy a can of chocolate covered nuts.  Her cravings controlled her. She ate constantly. Non -stop for ten years.  She was in total and complete denial.

She was gaining weight rapidly but would rationalize. “It’s my age and it’s supposed to be this way”

After losing a close family member, changing jobs, stress got the best of her.  She gained 50 lbs. over a ten year span.  She over ate, large portions, seconds and constant snacking from morning until bedtime.

She made poor food decisions at every meal.  Frankly, she didn’t care….until she was 50 lbs. overweight.  She tried to lose weight on her own but failed.  She always felt hungry and deprived. She would get depressed. Go on an occasional binge – feel guilty and start craving again.

It was a painful, vicious cycle. She had to do something. She was ashamed and embarrassed about her appearance and her inability to do anything about it.

She finally faced the truth – she needed help. The problem was only getting worse.  She needed relief now.

After her first hypnosis session, Carol remarked: “Hypnosis is awesome.  It’s not anything you see on television.  It’s relaxing and feels good.”  She went on to say: “Dr. Gullo gave me hypnotic suggestions like I would feel full and satisfied after eating only 
one half the amount I usually ate. Presto! Now I eat one half the amount and I’m stuffed.”

She stopped being hungry all the time so her snacking disappeared. She no longer ate for emotional reasons and hasn’t craved or binged since starting treatment.

She is finally now in control of her eating behavior.  Carol says, “It wasn’t difficult.  The hypnotic suggestions work automatically.  You don’t have to think about it.  No conscious decisions.”  Hypnosis, Carol claims, made her weight loss fast, easy and comfortable; and, that it gave her back peace of mind.No more deprivation, starving, constant hunger or guilt.  She got her life back.

Carol lost 50 lbs. in 5 short months.  Her dress size plunged from 16 to 8. She gave away her fat clothes because, as she says, “I will never be fat again.” She has become “addicted” to feeling better, eating right and looking her very best. That makes her a lot happier than constantly eating and being ashamed and embarrassed about her appearance. Carol said she couldn’t “put into words the relief I feel after losing 50 pounds.  Shedding the burden and stigma of obesity has set me free.  It’s wonderful”

Concluding, Carol reported that hypnosis delivered and exceeded her wildest dreams.


In an Advanced Medical Hypnosis study of a random sampling of weight loss patients, the average total weight lost by the sample was 29.1 pounds.


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