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10 Rational Tips for Life to Boost Self-Confidence and Succeed at Your Weight Loss Goals.

Succeeding at weight loss may take work but you can help yourself by listening to yourself. That's right. Listen in to your self-talk and respond appropriately with a rational, factual answer.

Keep in mind that losing weight is a battle that is as much between the ears as it is between the hips.

Being overweight does not define you as a person. Your self is not determined by how much you weigh. Perhaps you have a weight problem. Does that mean you are what you weigh? Of course not. You are a person...plain and simple. Fallibilities and all. Human with the ability to fail and succeed.

We all want to succeed but it's simply not possible all the time. That's a fact. Everyone fails at some point and everyone has setbacks. It's how you deal with them and how you minimize their effects that's important to your happiness and confidence.

Below are some valuable tips to remember as you go through life, statements of rational fact that will guide you to not only succeed at weight loss and overall mental health but also help you to boost your self-confidence and overall look at life.

-I am wise enough to learn what I have to do and how to do it so I can accomplish my weight loss and health goals.

-I've succeeded many times in the past and I will succeed in the future.

-No one can avoid mistakes. It's best that I work hard at accepting myself while and dislike my setbacks and mistakes.

-If I have a bad day today it doesn't mean that I have no hope or that I won't succeed in the future.

-Sometimes I don't like my behavior and traits regarding my eating habits, but I accept who I am. I will work hard to change my behaviors while accepting that I'm not a bad person for letting myself be overweight.

-There are many things about me that I like and do well (enumerate them).

-Sometimes I make things out to be awful, catastrophic, or over-respond. Rarely do things ever actually turn out that way.

-I am confident that everything will turn out okay given that I have my goals, know what to do, and work hard at them.

-I want to do well and have others recognize me but I don't need it to be happy or survive.

-Just because I've made poor decisions in the past doesn't mean that they have to be done again in the present.

Print these out and carry them with you. Memorize them and use them.

Remember that in order to lose weight you have to plan your work and then work your plan. The long-term goal is achieved by short gains that add up. Don't come down and yourself if you fall backward. Dust yourself off and get back with the plan. You can do this!

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